• Day off stuff

    had my doctor checkup today,  weight stayed same,  blood pressure is normal,  A1c will be back in a couple days.  I guess it’s all good news,  but I was hoping for more.  I guess patience,  it’s only been 3 months,  and I’m still way down in weight since being in NY. With all loss,  no gain in weight since moving back.  And got my flu shot done.

    Now off to try to find clothes for Ashley,  and both kids flu shots. I guess that’s a productive day.

  • 40-somethings, where the hell are you?

    So as I sat there today in Church, and Saturday for 2 hours recruiting for the Knights of Columbus, I am wondering, where the heck is my own age group? Now, I’m not talking about JUST being there, but why aren’t you volunteering, or doing anything other then showing up?

    It’s just a question, as I see much older folks, even much younger in the youth groups doing everything under the sun. Are we all too busy with our own lives to not care or concern with others? More over, I live in NY, a supposed Democratic state. So, is it “practice what you preach” but don’t do it yourselves? I always hear how democrats give give give, support the less fortunate, but I am not seeing it; at least not in the 40-something demographic. Without the “middle” being there, we are truly going to shrink and there will be a huge drop-off as we all get older. Something has to change.

    My challenge to everyone in my age group, DO SOMETHING. It’s a sad day when an entire church, the largest in the Diocese, sees such a lack-luster turn out, not just for the Knights, but ALL groups looking for help, support, members. Without ALL of us, the church will not continue to grow, and will not thrive. It wasn’t just our table, but everyone’s table was wondering where are we?

    We’re building a great big NEW building, I guess just coming to mass is good enough for you all? I’m disappointed in you all if that is the case.